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The Changing World of Business Productivity
Steve Fox

The world of productivity and collaboration is changing. More cloud. More data. More services. More devices. What does it all mean, and how will it impact the way in which you do your job. In this keynote, we'll look at some of the key changes that are happening now and in the near future in the world of productivity and the impact these changes will have on the world of SharePoint.

Automating SharePoint Governance and Management
Dan Holme

Are you tired of click-click-clicking through the user interface every time a user needs a new site? Are you concerned that administrators and users are not complying to your governance policies when they deploy new sites, lists, and libraries? Are you unsure whether security permissions are consistently and correctly applied? Do you want to empower the business with self-service capabilities, but you can't trust them to do the right thing? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this session is for you. In this advanced governance and management session, SharePoint MVP Dan Holme unveils a framework for automating SharePoint administrative tasks to enforce your service and information management policies. You will take away a set of tools that you can apply and extend to create a secure, proxied model for SharePoint administration. The session assumes you have some understanding of Windows PowerShell, which is used to power the scripts Dan shares. But even if you aren't a PowerShell expert, you will be able to take the tools Dan gives you and put them to work in your enterprise.

Implementing SharePoint 2013 ECM Solutions
Robert Bogue

Though born as a document management solution in 2001, most organizations haven't tapped the document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features in SharePoint. In this session we'll walk through some of SharePoint 2013's more powerful ECM features.

Are You Covered? Re-examining Your SharePoint Data Protection Strategy
Gemaron Willis

When deploying Microsoft SharePoint as a business-critical collaboration platform and digital-asset repository, implementing a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy is absolutely essential. Though SharePoint and SQL Server natively provide some data protection capabilities, these prove inadequate for most competitive organizations. In this session, we will discuss the key components of any successful SharePoint backup and recovery plan. After analyzing SharePoint's native data and platform protection capabilities, we will identify best practices and proven solutions for ensuring a fully protected SharePoint platform.

How We Built Our App for SharePoint 2013 Marketplace
Jeremy Thake

Jeremy Thake, SharePoint MVP, will give you a first-hand look into AvePoint Labs' journey to build an app for the SharePoint 2013 Marketplace. Jeremy will discuss the details of the technical decisions made throughout the entire process — from idea inception through to delivery into the marketplace. If you're thinking of building an app for the SharePoint 2013 Marketplace, this is the one session you don't want to miss at SharePoint Live! 2012.

Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of:

  • Utilizing new SharePoint App model to bring your products to the Marketplace
  • How Windows Azure can be leveraged in SharePoint apps, showcasing the oAuth and auto provisioning features
  • When to use the SharePoint 2013 app model compared to the legacy approaches

What's New with Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013
Andrew Connell

In this session we'll explore what's new and improved with Web Content Management (WCM) in SharePoint 2013. Search now plays a significant role in WCM sites. You'll learn how to create content the traditional, structured authoring way, as well as using the new approach with content catalogs and rollup pages. In addition you will see how to use the new Content by Search Web Part along with Display Templates to create custom interfaces, explore what's new with search engine optimization and finally how to use managed metadata to drive your navigation.

On Demand

The iPad Invasion: Leveraging SharePoint for Mobile Enterprise Security
Matthias Bandemer, Senior Manager, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Join Ernst & Young's mobile data security expert, Matthias Bandemer, as he explores the security challenges presented by mobile devices in the workplace, with a focus on leveraging your existing SharePoint infrastructure to secure corporate data on the iPad.

Joining Matthias is Colligo's CEO, Barry Jinks, and Director of Product Management, Trevor Dyck, who will provide valuable insight on integrating iPads into your enterprise SharePoint environment.

Proven Practices for Utilizing the cloud in SharePoint Deployments
Shyam Oza

Organizations worldwide are quickly adopting cloud computing into their SharePoint repertoire, either by adding SharePoint Online or utilizing cloud storage. Ensuring both on-premises and online instances are seamlessly managed, however, is vital. In this session, we will discuss key components for a successful hybrid management plan for your SharePoint deployment. We will then share best practices and available solutions for protecting, managing, and optimizing hybrid SharePoint deployments from one singular platform.

Adopting SharePoint as Your ECM Platform: Scalability Issues and Strategies for Overcoming Them
Robert Bogue, Trevor Hellebuyck

You have chosen SharePoint to accommodate the incredible volume of content that your organization needs to do business, but can it scale to meet your enterprise needs? In this webcast, you'll see from SharePoint MVP, Robert Bogue and Metalogix VP, Enterprise Technology, Trevor Hellebuyck how SharePoint can scale and what you'll need to consider to ensure that it meets your needs. You'll also learn about performance and storage concerns as well as how to manage performance and scale your storage. From content database sizing to RBS, you'll learn what the issues are with storage and how to manage them.

Who Should Attend?

If you're an IT Professional, IT Decision Maker, Architect or Developer you'll find a deep set of technical content to help you maximize SharePoint.

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